We iz king. You iz sheep.

by Roman on May 13, 2008

It is the second day that this blog is online and I already have 83 RSS subscribers!!! Woohhooo – life is looking beautiful baby!!!

How did I do it?

Well… I didn’t actually. It’s almost impossible to get such an amount of RSS subscribers with 2 days. So when I was unable to get my first 83 RSS subscribers I did the second best thing – I forged my RSS count.

Why did I do it?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to go to a bar to have a drink but all of your friends were going to the big party… You didn’t really want to go to the party but you still did – all your friends were there and it wouldn’t be any fun to be in the bar alone.

Well that’s exactly what I am doing here – letting all of your friends know that all of their friends are here – that way they will eventually end up here without any of them having an intention to be here in the first place. Good stuff, I know.

You are probably thinking – It’s immoral!”.

No it’s not – says the Financial Jesus (and since I am Jesus you should always listen to what I say. I only hope all this Jesus talk won’t end up showing faith related ads :) )

But think about it – by being a little creative with the feed counter you will give more people a chance to be part of all the enlightening things you talk about in your blog.
If your RSS feed counter says that you only have 4 or 5 readers it shows that your blog is not worth to be read. This may actually be true when your writing skills and the content sucks but when you are starting a new blog it’s OK that you don’t have any visitors. But the underlying problem is that when people come to your new website they don’t know that it’s a new website – they want content and they want it now!

Don’t let people know that they are only readers

It’s OK to not have any readers when you start out – but it is not OK to let your readers know that they are the only readers.
In fact you should try to leave an impression that there is a lot that is going on (even if there isn’t).

People iz sheep. We iz king! :))

People like to believe that they are ruled by their intellect but every day we see things that say People are Herd Animals – people are sheep.

If you see a large crowd gathering at the local mall you will go and check it out. After all – if there are so many people over there it must be worth to at least take a look!

By taking advantage of this mentality it’s a bit easier to get people to sign up for your RSS feed. After all – it’s free and if they don’t like it they can always unsubscribe.

If you are just starting out and are in search of new readers – go ahead and forge the number of people reading your RSS feed.

Is it such a bad thing when you do something a little immoral to get people on the right track?

I call it Evil Marketing at it’s best!

By the way, if you liked this post, subscribe to my full feed RSS. I already have 83 people signed up, you can be number 84 :twisted:

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