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10 most read articles in 2008 at

10 most read articles in 2008 at

by Roman on January 8, 2009

The second week of 2009 is almost over and I just figured out that there is an important post missing about last year.

Most read articles of 2008

10 – Quotes that make you act

A series of quotes that I have collected over time and that give me the motivation to keep going.

9 – 10 reasons why you are still poor

10 things that keep you from obtaining wealth.

8  – Illustrated guide to face reading

Is it possible to know what someone is like just by looking at his facial features? Although not proven – some scientist seem to think so. For example – a person with a large chin is usually the one who has the last say in important matters.

7  – How to get what you want

A series of pictures about the former US president Lyndon Johnson showing how he used his almighty body language to get what he wanted.

6 – What does 1 million pennies look like?

Have you ever wondered how much space 1 million pennies would take up and what would it all look like? Look no further – it’s all in this post!

5 – Top 10 countries with highest press freedom

Iceland, Norway and Estonia are the top 3. USA is way back at 23rd place.

4 – Top 10 countries with cheapest gas prices in the world

While gas prices in USA are currently about $2 per gallon, you can expect to pay just $0.19/gallon or 0.05$/litre in Venezuela

3 – 3 experiments with money

Clever psychological experiments that show why people often act irrationally with their money.

2 – Top 10 happiest countries

Ten happiest countries in the world and what makes them tick!

1 – Top 10 world’s richest countries

A list of the worlds richest countries with explanations on how they generate their wealth!

Some statistics for Financial Jesus in 2008

Here are some stats starting from May, when my blog was opened.

Total unique visits – 82 539

Total pageviews – 130 968

Best single day – 3 430 unique visits

Average daily visits – 366

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