Starting an online marketing campaign

Starting an online marketing campaign

by Roman on May 14, 2008

Since Financial Jesus is just starting out, we figured that we need to do something to boost the number of visitors.
The first online marketing strategy that we are going to use in order to boost this blogs popularity is basically this:

We took a bunch of successful high traffic blogs that mainly talk about the same topic as us and looked for a “TOP for commentators” section.

A good “top commentators” section shows you how many comments somebody has left and therefore you will know how many comments you need to leave before becoming the number 1 commentator.

The first time I came across this idea was when reading John Chow’s free ebook about how to make money online (which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the topic – you can sign up for it at

Today I have been reading Johns blog and writing comments on some of his more interesting posts. Since I am totally against spamming it was my first priority to leave comments that give some extra value to his blog as well. This way it will be a win-win situation for both of us – I will get traffic from being a top commentator and build some links and John gets an active member to his blog who helps to make it even better :twisted:

I don’t have any idea how many (if any) visitors I am going to get from but there is something that I definitely found out

Leaving comments is hard work

I have spent 8 hours today on reading through tons of posts and writing about 25 comments – and that’s all on 1 website. After about 5 hours I felt that I’ve had enough, but then I had that feeling what you get when half-way through a difficult task – you want to stop but you won’t because of everything you stand to loose. So I kept on reading and leaving comments. Here are some of the posts I liked most:

  • Get More Exposure for Your Blog with a Guest Post – This post gave me a great idea to contact other blogs about making money on the internet and how to get rich and offer to write them some guest posts.
  • Blog Income Report – April 2008 – In April John Chow made a whopping $29,569.05. This post gives an overview where all this money came from.
  • The Dot Com Lifestyle – This is actually a somewhat quiet video with John in a park with his daughter where he talks about the real dot com lifestyle – “I blog because I hate rushhour” :D

If you want to stick around to see how much traffic I will generate for being the top commentator on John and other online marketing blogs be sure to subscribe to my full feed RSS or subscribe via email.

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