Writing new content or marketing? The Balance

by Roman on May 14, 2008

Writing new content or marketing? The Balance

You might already know that I started my first online internet marketing campaign today!

I’m excited!!!

But I also have some questions that I feel need to be answered. The most important is this:

What’s the right balance that I should spend between writing new posts and marketing my website?

It’s a tough question to answer and to tell you the truth I don’t know the answer. It depends a lot on what kind of a website you are running and how many visitors you have.

The only certain thing is that in the long run you should always focus on content. You should make sure that your blog has a lot of high quality content.

There is a saying that you can keep in mind

“If you will write it, they’ll come and read it”

Having a lot of quality content ensures you basically 2 things – search engine traffic and word-of-mouth advertising.

If your blog already has quite a following there is no point to spend a majority of your time on marketing.

But if you are just starting your blog?

Yes, what if you have a starting blog like Financial Jesus and don’t have any readers?

Well you can spend all your time on writing posts, but what’s the point when you don’t have anyone reading what you are writing? Since it is definitely better to write when someone is reading, a startup blog should spend some of it’s time marketing.

As I found out today, marketing can be difficult and take a lot of time. I spent more than 8 hours today on writing comments at www.johnchow.com hoping that by being the number one commentator I will get some traffic back to my website.
The life of a marketer is uncertain, so I don’t even know yet if what I did pays off! Crazy, I know 8)

There is however something that I have already learned today.

Content comes first

You should always start your day by writing your content and then spend the rest of your time on marketing. This ensures that you will be able to write the number of posts each day that you have set as your goal. I promised myself that I will write a minimum of 3 posts a day on Financial Jesus. However I spent so much time on marketing today that it is already way past my bedtime – it is 4 am in where I live and I am writing this post in order to keep a promise I gave to myself.
If I had written the blog posts in the morning and after that spent my time on getting traffic and marketing I would already be asleep. Well, I guess we all learn from our mistakes! :roll:

My advice is to write the minimum amount of content that you are satisfied with and use the rest of your time getting more traffic to your blog. After achieving your daily marketing goal it’s up to you if you write more content or spend more of your time on getting more traffic. But keep in mind – when you don’t have any content you won’t have any readers so it’s usually more important to write new stuff than to try and get more readers.

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MoneyEnergy May 25, 2008 at 10:07 pm

This is an issue that I’m having right now too. You and I are almost in similar places with our blogs because my blog is only 7 days old now. But so far I have only one subscriber and only 14 unique visitors.

Not bad. I have not done huge marketing yet, just a bit. But we could exchange other tips over email. I’m also on StumbleUpon.

kiitos for your posts:)!

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