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My Bachelor Thesis

My Bachelor Thesis

by Roman on December 29, 2009

This post is about my Bachelor Thesis.

It has nothing to do with the main topics and content of Financial Jesus.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

As a part of my thesis I intend to test some simple HTML elements and see how does using (or not using) them on a web page affect the search engine rankings of the pages.

The search engine that I am targeting is Google.
I will use different keywords and methods inside HTML tags on various ways to see which option is better for ranking higher in Google.

I have come up with a number of keywords that I will use in these files that when searched from Google, currently have 0 results.

After I have published this post with links to my made up files the files will get indexed by Google. After being indexed, I can use my special made up keywords to find the files.
For example if I intend to test how the <title> tag works I can make a simple HTML file that has a keyword called “asdeavasadhflweadjjjae” in it. Currently when you search for it in Google you will get 0 results but after the file gets indexed it will show up.

The things I am testing

Having links to other pages

Does having links on a HTML page benefit it SEO wise?

Here are links to the three files.

  • The first file is intended to find out whether or not using external links in a file benefit the files ranking SEO wise.
  • The second file is a test file without any links. This is necessary in order to compare the two other files against something.
  • The third file is intended to find out whether or not using links to the same domain name benefit the search ranking.

Don’t worry if you click on the links and don’t understand what they are meant for – unfortunately I can’t go into great depth because that would make the experiment an immediate failure.

Matching the folder/file and keyword text

In this experiment I compare 3 different files.

  1. A file with an unique keyword that has a random name and is in a random folder
  2. A file that has the folder name and the keyword name match
  3. A file that has the folder name, file name and keyword name match

Here are the links to the three files. ( in the order showed above)

This experiment is intended to figure out which of the 3 options above rank the highest in Google.

Keyword use in H1 tag

How should you use keywords in H1 tags in order to get maximum SEO benefits?

Here I compare 5 different files:

  1. Keyword as the first word in H1 tag
  2. Keyword not in H1 tag
  3. Keyword twice in the same H1 tag
  4. Keyword in the middle of H1 tag
  5. Keyword as last word in H1 tag

Here are the links to the 5 files.

Using keywords as anchor text in internal links

Here I try do get an idea whether or not using keyword as anchor text in internal links offer any SEO benefits.

Here are the tehkupehku links. (The 4th word is a unique keyword made up by me – it has no meaning)

Keyword use in the title tag

In this experiment I try 5 different methods on how to use the keyword in a page title for maximum SEO benefit.

  1. Keyword as first word in title
  2. Keyword as first word in title + also keyword in somewhere in body
  3. No keyword in title
  4. Keyword in the middle of the title
  5. Keyword twice in title

Here are the links to the 5 files.

Using the meta description tag

Is the meta description tag beneficial for your Google rating?

Here I compare 2 files:

  • A file with meta description
  • A file without meta description

Links to the files.

This is all for now!

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Car Insurance Phi December 30, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Very nice outline of your thesis! Thanks for sharing it with us. Do let us know how it goes after you have completed it. Good luck with school!

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