Who are the biggest competitors to Financial Jesus?

Who are the biggest competitors to Financial Jesus?

by Roman on May 12, 2008

Since Financial Jesus is all about personal finance and internet marketing I put together a simple list of my  competitors that i follow in the personal finance field.

I made this list when still making my old website Psychology of Money (which was only about personal finance, investing and making money) this list contains my biggest competitors in the field of personal finance.

The list is compiled with a little program called Link Popularity Check (1 MB installation file). This is the only program of its kind that I have ever used so I don’t know how good it is compared to it’s competitors but it seems to work OK. It looks through a bunch of search engines to find out how many links a search engine has to your website. As always – the more the better.

Here is the list starting from our smallest competitors and finishing with the heavyweight competition:

Keep in mind – this list is 2 months old and is in no way complete.One of my short term goals is to compile a thorough list that has both personal finance and online marketing sites in it. Hopefully I will get done with it by next week!

To do that I need to look through my Firefox bookmarks which takes at least two or three full days.
I guess I have to thank my bookmarking habits – I bookmark everything that seems even remotely interesting in order to “take a closer look” later.  It rarely happens though! :)

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