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Thieves stole 6 million dollars while everyone else were watching a soccer game

Thieves stole 6 million dollars while everyone else were watching a soccer game

by Roman on April 5, 2010

2009 was a good year for bank robbers. In September bank robbers in Sweden pulled off one of the greatest money robberies of the century while stealing more than 1 billion Swedish krona.

In December a group of Brazilian bank robbers took advantage of the nations passion for soccer and stole more than 6 million dollars from a cash delivery firm in Sao Paulo.

The Perfect Heist

The Brazilian robbers rented a house not far from the cash delivery firm a few months before the actual robbery took place. In order to get to the building with the money they used the old school (but effective) method of building a tunnel from their house to the bank! Later the tunnel was measured to be more than 100 meters long.

The final stage of actually stealing the money was carefully planned for the day that the soccer’s season finale was held in Sao Paulo. Everyone who has ever been to Brazil knows that when there is a football match going on, everything in the country just stops – stores will close down and businesses temporarily cease all their actions. Nothing is more important than football!

The security guard later told the police that he actually heard a loud bang but thought it came from firework the football fans used to celebrate the end of the season.

The robbery was discovered in the evening – when all soccer matches were over.

Throughout the time digging the tunnel the thieves perfectly disguised themselves as residents. There was a couple who used to go to “work” in the mornings and return in the evenings. Their car was parked in front of the house just like everyone elses – so that it wouldn’t get any extra attention. The thieves also took their time to decorate the house with a christmas tree and other holiday ornaments. As far as the neighbours were concerned – there was a genuine couple living in the house. Nobody suspected anything.

How to make money in your spare time

Where do people get the idea to rob a bank? Well, I guess they read this ageless classic:

Picture via Money & ShitHow to make money in your spare time

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Car Insurance Phi April 7, 2010 at 3:06 pm

That’s hilarious! Maybe I’ll have to check out that book soon…They really pulled it off though!

Roman April 8, 2010 at 5:02 pm

If you’ll find the book, let me know – I tried to search for it in Amazon but didnt find a book with the same name and cover picture 🙁

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