Warren Buffett would like to pay more taxes

Warren Buffett would like to pay more taxes

by Roman on May 20, 2008

Here is an interesting 4 minute interview with Warren Buffett – currently the worlds richest person with a whopping Net Worth of 62 billion dollars. He made $10 billion within the last year pushing Bill Gates from his throne of being the words richest man for 13 years straight.

In the video below Warren Buffett makes a little survey amongst his staff and finds out that among 15 people working for him, he is the one paying the lowest percentage taxes. And it’s pretty obvious that he makes a lot more money than his workers combined. Buffett argues that rich people and himself among them have so much money that they should pay more taxes. It seems to me that Warren Buffett is amongst the most honest rich people out there. I wouldn’t mind giving him my last 5 dollars! If I had that much that is :twisted:

Warren Buffett also offered 1 million dollars to any of the Forbes 400 richest people who can show that on average they pay more taxes than their secretaries pay. So far no one has come forward to claim the million.

To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure whether to post this video under “How to get rich”. It seems that paying more taxes is a rather good way to say good bye to your money :lol:

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ivan orav October 2, 2008 at 4:05 pm

It seems to me that Warren is a bit crazy :lol:
In a nice way though!

henandri November 8, 2008 at 5:33 am

Hallowen day is past but ,now future the new world can become
were the reality real money

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