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Blog Income Report – October 2009

by Roman on November 1, 2009

Here are the income stats for www.financialjesus.com in October 2009.

Google Adsense – $74.86
Direct Links – $10
TopEuro.biz – $2.2

Total Income – $87,06

What happened

The total income for October 2009 was a bit down from September – $87 vs $89. In spite of growing traffic the total Google Adsense revenue was down 5 bucks.

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the site, but just as I feared on my income post for september – people got used to the new design and ad blindness started to kick in. We showed more ads but got less money.

An average monetized site getting about 1000 visitors per day can except an advertising income of 200-400 dollars per month so I started thinking about ways to better monetize the site.

I asked around in forums and got some nice feedback in WickedFire, DigitalPoint and the Cheating Network. (click on the links for the threads I started and the great information I got back – specially the first 2 forums).

I signed up for CPM ads at TopEuro.biz. I only had them for a couple of days – that’s why the low income(2.2 dollars). These ads only show to people coming from USA and Canada and I don’t need people to click on them – I get money for just showing them! I’ll see on November how they perform!

Traffic is Growing

Traffic was up 20.3% in October – going from 25 000 to 30 430.

With the last 2 months the total traffic to Financial Jesus has grown 60%.

For the first time ever we broke the 1000 visitors per day limit. Hopefully there will never be a month where we have less visitors.

Goal for November

This month I will try to put into practice all monetization advice I got from the forums – my goal is blog income of $200 dollars.
In October I also happened onto a blog post in German that talks about 19 websites and how they make money– I intend to go through it again to find some great advertising programs.

I am also in the process of launching at least 3 new websites – I will let you guys know what they are when I launch!

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George Chaney November 2, 2009 at 3:04 pm

Hey, got your email relative to GFM and will pass it along, we don’t recommend buying links, but with a no-follow should be fine for the impressions and the CTR opportunities. Would be better if you promoted the topic for those needing that type of help.

Just to point out, while everything is relative to CPM & CTR, at 1000 visitors a day, and dependent upon the other two factors, your income could/should be in the neighborhood of minimum $100.00 to $300.00 a day. All relative to adv. colors, placement and topic you are blogging about and the bid amounts relative to the topic. If your objective is to build revenue on advertising, you’ll want to have a more focused topical plan covering services that yield higher CPM rates. (see the recommended topical services our particular client markets to).

Email me and I’ll shoot you a screen shot of a site that has about 1500 a day in uniques and pulls about 6 to 9K a month off season and 10K plus during season for years. Give you some ideas on placement, colors and I’ll make some other suggestions on additional things you can do.


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