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50 unbelievable facts about money!

50 Unbelievable Facts about Money

by Roman on April 18, 2010

1. More of our fantasied are about money then about sex.

2. 90% of Americans who own a pet buy them christmas presents.

3. Money is the number 1 cause for problems in marriages.

4. 70% of Americans would live a year on a deserted island for 1 million dollars.

5. 1 in 14 Americans would murder someone for 10 million dollars.

6. Most people would to almost anything for 10 million dollars – even abandon their family and friends.

7. 90% of us would rather be filthy rich than find the love of their life.

8. Lack of Money is the biggest cause for stress in the whole world. We worry more about money than we worry about our health, marriages or family.

9. All money in Japan is laundered. If you withdraw money from an ATM it will be pressed between fast moving and extremely hot rollers. This kills most of the bacteria you usually have on money.

10. Almost 20% of women are willing to pay whatever it takes for a bra if it fits them perfectly.

11. 50% of people who sell their house with furniture still in it, will take the light bulbs out of lamps when they move out.

12. Most people won’t bother to pick up any money unless it is at least 1 dollars.

13. Most Americans don’t like pennies. If it was up to them they would stop making them.

14. 20 dollar bills are the most counterfeited – even more than the 100 dollar bills.

15. On average from every 12 658 dollars at least 1 dollar is counterfeit.

16. 99% of people like crisp and fresh new dollar bills better than the dollar bills that are old, wrinkled and dirty.

17. If you flip a coin – at least 3 times more people will think it will be heads rather than tails.

18. 1 out of every 4 people think that their best bet to get rich is to play on the lottery.

19. 5% of lottery ticket buyers buy over 55% of all the tickets sold.

20. Over 75% of people are more influenced by the amount they can win on the lottery than their odds of winning.

21. The odds of winning a lottery jackpot depends on the lottery but roughly it is about 20 million to 1.

22. A person who drives 6 miles to buy a lottery ticket is 5 times more likely to be killed in a car accident than to win the lottery jackpot.

23. Only 4% of Americans buy clothes that are tailor made just for them. These are the ultra rich and the super fat.

24. 70% of people decide not to buy something from the internet because they think that the shipping and handling fees add too much to the price of the product.

25. 8 times more people would rather withdraw money from an ATM than to do it in person in the bank.

26. 78% of Americans mostly pay with checks.

27.30% of people say that they would need at least 3 million dollars to feel rich.

28. 80% of people do not want to give out their credit card information over the internet

29. 67% of Americans wouldn’t let their spouse to spend a night with someone else for 1 million dollars.

30. The average wedding in America costs 23 000 dollars.

31. Over 35% of women think that money is more important for a marriage to succeed than good sex.

32. If people buy a new house then more than anything else they want an excellent kitchen.

33. The best way to raise money is to have a free dinner where you can invite a large amount of people. Then put an empty envelope under each persons plate for everyone to donate as much as they want.

34. People tip more on sunny days than they tip on rainy days.

35. More than 80 million people call the IRS hotline phone number every year.

36. According to the IRS itself – 47% of the answers people receive from the hotline are wrong.

37. People in the south are 3 times more worried about losing their job than people living in the mid west.

38. Which would you rather do – Shop til you drop or have great sex? Most women would rather shop.

39. If you have 10 billion dollars in 1 dollar bills and then spend 1 dollar every second – it would take 317 years for you to go broke.

40. Prior to World War I “paper” money was mainly made out of silk.

41. A paper money can resist more than 8000 folds before tearing.

42. The average life of a 1 dollar bill is 18 months. For a 100 dollar bill it is 9 years before it is taken out of circulation.

43. No one knows for sure where the $ sign came from.

44. Almost 50% of all the money in circulation are 1 dollar bills.

45. It was legal to counterfeit money until 1877.

46. The ink on paper money is magnetic. Vending machines use this to detect whether the money is counterfeit or not.

47. If you have more than half of any paper bill you can exchange it in a bank for a new one.

48. If you toss a penny for 10 000 times the result will be 49% of time heads and 51% of time tails. This is because both sides of the coin have a slightly different weight.

49. It is a crime to possess the same paper that is used for making money.

50. In 1900 you could get 2 pairs of shoes for 1 dollar.

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