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Can You Make Money on The Internet Automatically?

Can You Make Money on The Internet Automatically?

by Roman on April 7, 2010

The question on a lot of peoples minds lately is whether or not it is possible for them to make money on the internet automatically by not doing a thing themselves.

The answer is yes.

It is possible to make money with automated systems on the internet that run without any effort on your side but these same systems require some effort in setting them up.

My automated blog

Recently I decided to look more into how a lot of people are making a living with automatically working blogs. I decided to make my own auto-blog to see if it is really a viable way to make money online.

Choosing the Domain Name

A little less than a month ago I did some topic and keyword research and decided to make an automatically working blog about Back Support Braces. I registered a keyword rich domain name that cost me $9.69 – this was the only investment I made to get started.

I chose the domain because it has 4 words that are all significant in terms of search engine optimization. The words in the domain make up at least 3 terms that are commonly searched in Google. It is widely known that if you have a keyword or phrase in the domain that people search for – it will mean that you will rank high on Google.

How the blog works

The blog automatically takes most of its content from Yahoo Answers and posts it in a way where the original question is the blog’s post and the answers on Yahoo Answers are the blog comments. I also have the blog set up to seldomly post a video from Youtube or a product from Amazon.

The blog itself works on the WordPress platform and is hosted in a server where I also have some other websites – so I don’t have to pay anything extra for hosting.

Currently I have set the blog to post 6 new posts each day. The posts might be of bad quality but having constant stream of new posts is a good way to get more traffic from search engines.

The traffic

I am not doing any marketing or promotion for the blog.

The only traffic I am focused on getting is long keyword traffic from Google.  Currently I am getting about 20-30 visitors a day which is great compared to 0 visits just less than 1 month ago. I expect the traffic to rise significantly after 3 months of having the blog work automatically. 3 months is usually the time what it takes for a new blog to get the credit it deserves from search engines.

How much money does my automated blog make?

My automated test blog is currently not even half way finished but 1 thing I did was I installed as much Google Adsense ads on the site as allowed by Google – this means 3 ad units and 3 text link units.

The people coming to the site and reading the little content it has usually want a way out and often click on 1 of the ads. Since the website is a micro niche the content of the ads is highly targeted – that means that on average the % of people who click on the ads is very high – about 6 times higher as the ads here on Financial Jesus.

Here is how much I’ve made during the 23 days the site has been active:
8.88 dollars in 23 days. That’s on average 0,39 dollars per day or 142 dollars per year.

I know it is not much and that it is tens of times less I make with my other sites but it is essentially money for doing nothing. I know people who have 500 auto blogs that each make them 1 dollar per day. That’s an income of 182 500 dollars a year for doing nothing.

By getting my auto-blogs traffic up from 20 visitors to 100 a day would mean an extra income of 2 dollars per day. Furthermore I am positive that I can add adverts from other networks and improve the click through rates – helping the auto blog to make even more money.

In Conclusion

It is certainly possible to make a living by creating auto blogs but it would mean creating a very large number of sites to make a decent living. You could essentially install all the automatic blogs to the same domain meaning that you can even have a thousand blogs for the cost of registering 1 domain for 10 dollars.

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Car Insurance Phi April 7, 2010 at 3:02 pm

Mentioning the relevant domain name is very important! And hey, money is money. I’ll take any amount.

Roman April 8, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Yes, money is money – especially when you have a lot of small amounts coming in from different sources. This can build up to be serious revenue in little time.

Partha April 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Hi Roman

Thank you very much for your detail description. But you can add more spice to your blog by adding RSS feed as there are some free WP Plugin’s for that.
Which you best of luck

Roman April 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Hi Partha! Unfortunately I did not understand if you are talking about this blog – Financial Jesus or my automatic blog.
Both of them have RSS feeds that a lot of people are using. You can click on the link “Subscribe to full feed RSS” on the top right of this site to subscribe to the RSS.
Furthermore – as far as I can tell all blog engines come with built in RSS feeds, so it would be very difficult to make a blog that doesnt have a feed!

Ray February 26, 2012 at 7:21 am

If automated blog are taking the content from yahoo answers, wont it get penalized by google?

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