How Much Money Does The President Make?

President Obama Salary

by Roman on November 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered what is the yearly salary of the president of the United States of America? Well – you don’t have to look any further.

President Barack Obama’s Yearly Salary:


In 2009 the presidential salary for Barack Obama is 400 000 dollars per year.

In other words the president makes 33 333 dollars a month or 8 333 dollars a  week.

The president of the United States has always been the highest paid member of the government – that means that no one working for the government has a larger income than the president.

Up until 2001 the yearly salary for  president was $200 000 but thanks to a decision approved by the congress and former president Bill Clinton it was raised to 400 000 dollars.

President Obama's yearly income

The presidential salary had been 200 000 dollars since 1969. If adjusted for inflation it is actually the equivalent of 1,175,000 today’s dollars.
This means that the president makes about 3 times less in 2009 than he made 40 years ago in 1969.

Additional Money The President Gets to Spend:

Additional income and money the president gets to spend

In addition to the 400 000 dollars that the president of USA makes yearly he also has a whopping 169 000 dollars to spend on the things he likes.

$ 100 000 – The presidents non-taxable travel account.

This is the money Barack Obama can use if he wishes to travel or make purchases while outside of the United States.

In reality all the presidents travels and visits are paid by the government. The president always uses a private plane or an helicopter that flies wherever the president wants to go. The operating cost of the president’s plane Air Force One is over  $56,000 per hour! With that rate it would about 2 hours to go over Obama’s travel budget.

$ 50 000 – Annual Expenses account

In addition to the 400 000 dollar salary and the 100 000 dollar travel account the president has a 50 000 dollar annual expenses account that he can use for pretty much everything he needs to help him be a good president. Obama can use this money if he wants to buy a new tie or even an apple if he is hungry but just like with the travel account – he rarely has to use this money. The president gets everything for free.

$ 19 000 – Entertainment Account

In addition to everything else there is a 19 000 dollar entertainment account that the president can tap into if he wishes. The necessities of life are however covered – the White House has its own movie theater, bowling alley, pool room, tennis court, jogging track and putting greens for practicing golf. Needless to say – the $19 000 will only be spent if the president wants to do something not already present in the White House.

Full Amount the President Can Spend Every Year:

Full amount of money the president can spend every year

What Else Does The President Get

The president sure does get paid a lot when you compare him with the average American but you could also say with a degree of certainty that there is no one who wants to be a president for the presidential salary.

The people who are good enough to be president would make a lot more money in the private sector.
Getting elected as a president usually means a decrease in the income of the person elected.

That being said – in addition to the US presidential salary and the presidential pay compensation – there are a lot of things that the presidents get for free.

He gets to live in a mansion with 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, its own staff and the world’s best cooks. In addition, he gets to travel around the world wherever he wants with his private plane.

On top of all of that, the President gets  to use all the White House employees and services as he wishes. This includes  cooks, housekeeping, doctors, barbers, security and taking the Presidential limousines for a spin :cool:


After a president leaves office he gets a life time pension. Today the pension is set to the level of the current administration’s cabinet secretaries or 191,300 dollars per year.
Additionally the ex presidents get travel accounts and free mailing privileges.

The Vice President

No one really cares about how much the vice president makes but nevertheless it is an interesting fact to know :lol:

The salary for the vice president of United States is 208,100 dollars. He also gets to spend $10,000 for expenses.

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