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Huge Fly with fricking huge eyes!

New Advertising Method: Stick Small Banners on Tiny Buzzing Flies

by Roman on October 30, 2009

Attention is the new currency of the world.

Large companies are willing to pay what ever it takes to get your attention. Their life or death depends on the fact that you know about their latest gizmo.
It is very difficult to get you to buy something without you taking a look first – that is what advertisements are for. They give you a sneak peek and are designed specially to make you interested in the product.

Ads are Everywhere

Unfortunately the world is getting saturated with ads.
Scientists have estimated that if you live in New York City you will see over 100 000 advertisements every day. It is increasingly difficult for an ad to stand out among others.

Advertising on Flies

As you’ll see yourself in the video – a German company has attached banners on flies for an awesome advertising campaign!

The flies are so small, that it would be difficult to notice them, but thanks to the attached banners they don’t fly as high and get tired quicker – this means that they frequently land and can’t fly higher than humans. This way they are always in sight for a prospective buyer!

The banners themselves are just a few centimeters big but once you see them flying you can’t take your eyes off them!

The Video

Via Wired

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