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A Problem with Technology and Daylight Savings Time

The Problem with Technology and Daylight Savings Time

by Roman on March 29, 2010

The last Sunday of March is when the whole European Union moves its clocks forward 1 hour in order to shift itself to daylight savings time.

How was Daylight Savings Time invented?

The idea of daylight savings time was first proposed by George Vernon Hudson in 1895. George was an avid insect collector and he realized that having more daylight after his work shift in the post office would give him more time to collect insects.

When was Daylight Savings Time first used?

The first time Daylight Savings Time was used was during World War I in 1916 when Germany and its allies used it to save its coal supply during wartime. The usage of daylight savings time meant that the rhythm of the sun and the way people worked and slept allowed them to be more active during the day and use less electricity during the night.

Daylight Savings Time and Technology

Shifting over to daylight savings time used to be easy – in a predetermined time everybody physically moved their clocks and watches 1 hour forward or backward. You knew that your clock was on daylight savings time simply because you knew that you had set it to be correct. This was before the digital revolution happened.

In the beginning of the 1990’s  I got my first computer! Every time there was a change in the daylight savings time I needed to manually set the time to be sure that it is correct. A few years later Microsoft came out with Windows 95 and this operating system already knew how to change the time automatically so you didn’t have to. When you switched the computer on it simply asked if  you want to switch to daylight savings time or not. Great!

Then Windows 98 came out and the question box changed to an alert box saying that your computer has gone over to daylight savings time. Good enough!

Some more time into the future – It is 2010 and I am using Windows 7 – an operating system that automatically changes its time to daylight savings time and doesn’t even notify you of doing so. This is where my problem with technology and daylight savings time comes in!

My problem with Daylight Savings Time

In the place where I live there are 5 places to see what time it is. I have 2 laptops both running Windows 7, 2 iPhones, and an electrical oven with a digital timekeeper.

When going to sleep before the night that the clocks were supposed to be rewound me and my girlfriend faced the following problem. She had to get to work very early the next morning and couldn’t afford to sleep in. Our only alarm clocks are the iPhones both of us have.
I had no idea whether the iPhone adjusts itself to daylight savings time or not so I went online and Googled it. I found out that there was supposed to be a place somewhere in the settings where you can switch “Automatically adjust to daylight savings time” to “on” but neither of our phones had it. So we did not know if the time of the phones will need adjusting or not.

Since we didn’t have any other alarm clocks our solution was to set the alarm of  both of the iPhones on different times and then check in the morning if the iPhones  had adjusted automatically or not to daylight savings time. That way we could make sure that she wouldn’t be late.

The only problem was that how were we supposed to know if the iPhones had gone over to daylight savings time in the morning if it does that automatically and doesn’t even notify you of doing that!
I didn’t want to check the time from the computer because you really can’t be 100% certain about them either because they have the same problem – they don’t tell you if they adjusted the time or not. I didn’t want to trust my oven as well – it is pretty high tech and digital so there was a possibility that it adjusts itself as well…

My solution:
I went through my old stuff and found an old analogue watch. When waking up in the morning I compared the iPhone’s time with the watches time and I could be sure that indeed the iPhone had switched itself to daylight savings time!
If I didn’t have the analogue watch I couldn’t have been 100% sure if the time on my iPhone, computer and oven are correct or not. It comes out that relying too much on technology can be a bad thing!

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Car Insurance Phi March 29, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I completely know where you’re going with this! I have the same problem as well come daylight savings time. I have this little battery-operated alarm clock that doesn’t change automatically because it’s not technologically advanced so I tend to refer to that one as well to keep me on time.

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