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Ask a Question - Get it answered by me

Ask a Question – Get it answered by me

by Roman on April 11, 2010

Starting from today there is a new feature here at Financial Jesus.

You can ask me any question and have it answered by me right here on this website.

The question you ask gets sent to me. Every day I choose the best question and answer it here on the blog as a separate article.

I promise you that if you ask a great question you’ll get a great answer.

I’ll put as much research into the answer as I put when writing my regular posts. Believe it or not but there have been times when I have researched a story for 3 days straight.

How to get your question answered?

If you have been here before you probably noticed that there is a new addition on the website on top of the right menu. It looks like this:

To get your question answered write it to the “Your Question” box. Write your name to the “Name” box and click “Ask Question!“. This way the question gets sent to me and I’ll answer the best question every day until the end of April.

If you wish you can also add your email address (so I can let you know if your question got answered) or a link to your website – I’ll make sure to link to it if your question gets chosen.

So there you go.

Ask me a question. I will answer it here on the blog.

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Car Insurance Phi April 12, 2010 at 11:27 am

Cool ! Looking forward to asking you some interesting questions…

david February 9, 2011 at 5:21 am

I am a 22 year old man and was
recently made permanent and given
a confirmation letter as a proof of
being permanently employed. I ask
for this letter from my boss because
I want to apply for a study loan, but
I did not explain this to him because
they have offered to pay for my
studies and I don’t want the
company payang my tuition fees
because I will be required to
dedicate 5 years of service after my
studies. That is some I don’t want to
do as I am already looking for
another job. My boss would be
angry to know that I am loan-
hunting. Is there a way of getting a
study loan or personal loan without
my employer knowing? Is the bank
going to ask my employer about
this matter? I need urgent help since
the closing day is the 11th of
February 2011 at the southern
business school where I intend

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