Top 10 Countries with Cheapest Gas

10 Countries with Cheapest Gas Prices in the World

by Roman on May 30, 2008

Have you noticed how everyone is talking about the high gas prices lately? Aren’t you fed up already? I am!

Talking about high gas prices seems to be the new national past time. A lot of people offline and even more online, are suddenly talking about how much they have to pay for gas.

There is also a growing number of people telling you that the current prices are nothing – you should see the gas prices in Europe! It’s true that the gas in Europe costs about $8 to $9 per gallon on average and even a bit more in some countries.

High prices make me feel bad.

If you know that it’s even worse somewhere else, it won’t make you happy. Just the opposite – It makes me feel even worse!

10 countries with cheapest gas

Today I am trying to make everyone a bit happier! Here is a list of 10 countries that have the cheapest gas prices in the world!

10. United Arab Emirates – $1.40/gallon or $0.37/liter

United Arab Emirates is a nice country to live in. In addition to having one of the cheapest gas prices in the world they are also the 4th rich country in the world.

Did you know that Ferrari Enzo takes a lot more gas than Toyota Prius? Thinking about it this way, makes it only logical to have super cheap gas for super rich people and there super expensive cars!

9. Egypt – $1.21/gallon or $0.32/litre

Starting from 1979 Egypt has gotten an average of $2.2 billion a year as foreign aid from the US. It’s only fair – the money to buy all that cheap gas has to come from somewhere! :lol:

8. Bahrain – $1.02/gallon or 0.27/liter

This small island country has a total area of only 266 mi² (665 km²). If you decide to drive around the island you should know that this trip will be about 100 miles (161 km). So why not give the people gas with dirt cheap prices? How much gas do they need anyway? It’s not like there are some far away destinations you could drive to.

7. Qatar – $0.83/gallon or $0.22/litre

If you would be the government of this second richest country in the world you wouldn’t want the people to pay too much for gas. After all – they can get mad at you if they don’t have enough money to buy their second airplane! So of course, it makes sense to keep gas prices really low in Qatar.

6. Kuwait – $0.79/gallon or 0.21$/liter

It’s pretty much the same deal in Kuwait as in Qatar! But Kuwait is only the 4th richest country in the world, so it makes sense that gas in Kuwait is a bit cheaper than in Qatar! People in Kuwait probably can’t afford the prices Qatar has!

5. Saudi Arabia – $0.45/gallon or $0.12/litre

When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia visits foreign countries he usually goes with 6 planes – 1 for himself and his sons and another 5 for his closest friends. Everyone knows that planes consume a lot of fuel! Now if they would only lower the price a little bit they could afford to take with them that 7th personal Boeing 747.

4. Iran – $0.42/gallon or $0.11/liter

At current rate of production it is estimated that Iran will run out of oil in 74 years. They are trying to get rid of it faster by giving it away with really cheap prices.

3. Nigeria – $0.38/gallon or $0.10/litre

Nigeria has the 10th largest oil reserves in the world. They also have about 150 million people and a history of violence. Mix this with a government that is corrupt and want to keep the money they get from selling oil to other countries for more than $4/gallon (about $1.1/liter) it makes sense that they keep the local prices down. You don’t want to make the people mad, overthrow the government and kill everyone they don’t like! You can’t use the money after you die, can you?

2. Turkmenistan – $0.30/gallon or $0.08/liter

Turkmenistan is by far the coolest country on the list. Until December 2006 it was ruled by president for life Saparmurat_Niyazov. Some cool things he has done:

  • Officially named the months of the year after his family members
  • Won a “democratic election” with 99.9% of the votes!
  • Closed down all rural libraries – “Ordinary Turkmenistan people don’t read books”

1. Venezuela – $0.19/gallon or 0.05$/litre

Venezuela is run by president Hugo Chavez – a quite well known guy for those who are following international politics. He is a lot into socialism. This includes having the state take control of privately held companies and doing pretty much whatever he thinks helps his people to have a better life.  The nice thing is that when he does something major he always asks the opinion of the people! If you had to vote would you rather choose high or low gas prices?

Take a road trip

Next time you are going on a road trip consider these countries. Cheap prices and guaranteed experiences!

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