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6 Tips Students Can Follow to Save Money

by Roman on October 24, 2011

College or university education equips you to reach your career destination and fulfill your dreams. But as everyone knows university education or online college programs are not very cheap. As a student you have to incur expenses on various items such as tuition, food, housing, entertainment and many more. In order to lead a better student life, you must spend wisely. Of course, you may also want to start looking into the various types of savings accounts so you are covered in the event of unexpected expenses. These money saving tips can provide you the much needed insurance from unintended contingencies.

1. Stop impulsive buying

As a student, you may be more prone to impulsive buying. Out of sheer temptation, sometimes it is seen that you engage in buying items which you can’t afford and more moreover which are not absolutely necessary for you. As a student, you need to curb this habit and spend judiciously.
Best cure for uncontrolled impulsive buying?
Write down all your expenses and go through them once a week. This will make you realize how many unnecessary things you are really spending your money on.

2. Abstain from bad habits

Some of you may have some bad habits like smoking or drinking. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, it entails some costs. More importantly, these bad habits can also hamper your studies. Quitting helps you save some money on a regular basis.
Spending 5 dollars a day on pack of cigarettes means almost 2000 dollars you could have used for more important things.

3. Stop buying study-related items from the campus bookstore

Sometimes purchasing all the study-related items from the campus bookstore can indeed be very expensive. Instead you should shop around and try to buy second hand copies. You can also check out websites such as Amazon and eBay for reference books. Another good option is to find students who are immediate senior to you for buying books at a very cheap rate from them.

4. Cook yourself

The majority of students do not have the required skills to prepare food for themselves. Quite often they dine outside in costly restaurants and bring in expensive outside food. This takes away a lot of money from your pocket. The best way to contain these expenses is to learn cooking yourself. There are several websites for good budget recipes and cooking for beginners.

5. Reduce your mobile bills

Mobile bills can create a big hole into your pocket. Some of you spend a lot of money talking with your parents and friends. For communication purposes, you can download Skype and chat with your parents and friends for free.

6. Participate in free campus activities

Generally there are some free activities in the campus such as film music, screenings and many other activities. You can engage yourself in free activities so that you simply won’t have any time left for the expensive stuff.

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Jon November 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Cool tips given by you. thanks for sharing. Most of them I already know but never followed :P.

moi December 1, 2011 at 6:58 am

for book try price comparisons and sometimes older students have second hand book fairs

i totally agree on the cooking thing. but i literally burn water and everything else that is in the pot for that matter. my mother tried to teach me how to cook and i gave up. this is one of the reasons i haven’t moved out my mums house to study so i defo regret it. also the crap in that food is probably going to make you fat and lethargic so best to avoid them.

one way to save money is to make good friends who you can share , borrow and exchange with . also good friends that you can enjoy their company without spending a lot of money.

also sometime is better to borrow or photocopy some chapters from the library than buy the whole book. also ask if you can borrow and old printer and photocopier to put in your dorm so you dont have to pay in the library

budget hotels in agra August 4, 2012 at 1:47 am

cool tips i believe that these tips are for saving money purpose. Focusing into study.
Don’t be bookholic sometimes you have to involve yourself in other activities.

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