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Insights to money and how to get rich

Insights to money and how to get rich

by Roman on May 29, 2008

This is an overview page to a series of insights about money and how to get rich, that I have posted on

It is important to know these rules for everyone interested in getting rich. The list is in reverse order – that way when I add a new insight it will appear on the top. Expect this list to grow over 100+ posts.

6. Understand your beliefs about money

Challenge yourself and the way you think and get rid of the money beliefs that are holding you back on achieving what you are truly capable of.

5. Most people are too lazy to be rich

Everyone can become rich but most people are too lazy. Becoming rich requires hard work and discipline. You might win the lottery but you should always work as if becoming rich is up to you. Statistically speaking – getting hit by lightning is more likely than winning the lottery 😈

4. Share your goals

Sharing your goals with people you trust can be one of the most powerful ways to ensure that you get what you are out to achieve. Depending on your personality it can be a good idea to share your goals with positive or negative people.

3. Set goals

Setting and working relentlessly to achieve your goals is what separates the people who will become rich from the people who will stay poor. This post has some great tips on how to achieve what you want. For example people who write down their goals are in general 10 times wealthier than the people who don’t write down their goals.

2. What does being rich mean for you?

Being rich means different things for different people. Some people consider them rich when they can take care of themselves and their families. Some, when they have 1 million dollars. Defining the meaning of “I am rich” should be one of the first things everybody interested in becoming wealthy should do. After all, how will you know you have reached the destination when you don’t know what the destination is.

My personal definition of being rich is

“I am rich when I can do whatever I want to do whenever I want it!”

1. Anyone can make money

It is possible for everyone to make money. Money doesn’t care about the color of your skin or whether you are smart or stupid. Money has no feelings.

“If you think you can make money – you can. If you think you can’t – you can’t”

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Hey! Arnold August 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm

All the about is true and I agree with you.

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