What does 1 million pennies look like?

What does 1 million pennies look like?

by Roman on June 10, 2008

This is what 1 million pennies looks like.

1 million pennies is a total of 10 000 dollars and weights about 2.3 tons.

An interesting fact about pennies is that because of the falling dollar 1 penny is actually worth more when sold as metal as opposed to its nominal value. The US government passed a special law that says it is illegal to sell pennies as metal.

If it would be legal we wouldn’t soon have any pennies left… (For most people that would be a good thing but for some reason the government thinks they are important)

PS! If you have noticed that the amount of posts has dropped a bit recently it is because I am actually on a inflatable boat trip with some of my friends and the articles appearing here in FinancialJesus.com have been written before the trip and are automatically scheduled for release by WordPress!

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