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Let’s face it: almost everyone goes through a financial crisis at some point or another, and finding ways to deal with such situations is essential if you want to come out unscathed. If you have ever wanted to know what to do in the event of a financial emergency – whether it is due to […]

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10 ways to go bankrupt

10 Ways to Go Bankrupt

by Roman on October 8, 2009

1. Take Out as Much Loans as You Can Never lose an opportunity to borrow money. If a relative just got a hefty inheritance – be sure to borrow some money! If the bank is having a special deal with interests next to nothing – borrow some money! You will never know when you’ll need […]

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Empire of debt - what's the difference between good debt and bad debt?

The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

by Roman on January 29, 2009

For most people it is difficult to put themselves in someone else’s shoes but for some reason I have always found it quite easy. They say that trying to look things as other people see them is a common characteristic for Libras! I have to confess though that sometimes it is difficult for me to […]

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I’ve gone over more than 10 “How to calculate your net worth” guides, only to realize that none of them really give what people want – a good real-life example. Here is a tutorial on how to calculate your net worth based on my current real life situation. Yes all the “money numbers” in this […]

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